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Go behind the scenes with Rj & Cae’s Home Baked Cakes Owner and Baker Remy Acuram, in this 10-minute video as she creates her best selling special Puto Cake.

Who we are
Rj and Cae’s Home Baked Cakes was established in 1993. Our family-owned business delivers a predictable level of quality and uniqueness in its products that distinguishes itself amongst competitors. Rj and Cae’s is a one of a kind bakery, where the familiar aroma of home-style baking weakens even the strongest will.

Go behind the scenes with Cae Acuram, Fondant Cake Artist of Rj & Cae’s Home Baked Cakes, as she creates a “cellphone” inspired birthday cake.

Fondant Cakes, while delicious can also be beautiful works of art. Almost everyone is dreaming to have that very special cake for any occasion. A cake that looks too good to eat while at the same time offers that unforgettable tasty treat!


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