Special Puto Cake

The Best Selling Puto Cake in town!


We Filipinos love to eat. Aside from the regular meals we also eat in-between like a merienda or even a midnight snack. And Puto or steamed rice cake is one of the most ideal delicacies in our country. It is always present during every Filipino occasion such as birthdays and fiestas and even during wakes for our loved ones who have already passed away.

  • Why is our Puto cake special?

RJ and Cae’s Homebaked Cakes owner and baker Remy has mastered her own Puto Cake recipe. She created a twist in her recipe to enhance and combine the traditional process of Puto and Cake making. We make sure to use only the freshest ingredients in every product that we make while holding true to the roots of traditional baking.

  • What Puto cake products do we offer?

See our wide choices of our Special Puto cake from our Product list.

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